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Visit Finland - part 4: HELSINKI

"Compared to major metropolises, the beat of Helsinki is laid-back and relaxed. Most of the city’s tourist attractions and hot spots are within walking distance from each other. The public transport system is comfortable and reliable, and has been ranked among the best in Europe.

A third of Helsinki is covered in green areas. Along with a score of sports grounds, they offer great possibilities for outdoor activities and relaxation, such as Central Park and a number of forests just outside the city centre.

The number of parks and waterside hangouts are ideal for a bit of downshifting in the heart of the city. On the other hand, the score of urban events, restaurants, bars and nightclubs make Helsinki a vibrant capital with cultural offerings, ranging from punk rock to classical and modern art.

Influences from both the East and the West are evident in everyday Helsinki; architecture, cuisine, design, customs and even street slang all bare evidence of a past under Russian and Swedish rule.
Situated by the Baltic Sea, Helsinki’s shoreline is about 100 kilometres long and has about 300 islands. Possessing a strong maritime heritage, it is said that the sea gave birth to Helsinki and the harbours raised her.

The Finnish Capital
590,000 inhabitants
600 Art Nouveau buildings
The World Design Capital 2012

From: www.visitfinland
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